October 2021

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

One can change the condition, price, and size of a house. But something you cannot change after buying a house is its location. Investing in a house that is in a great location can make a huge difference in its value. A house with a good location increases its desirability, that desirability creates demand, and the demand increases the price for that real estate. Initially investing in a property at a...

Real Estate Investment In Commercial Spaces

Real Estate Investment in Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are the procurement of office spaces, warehouses, retail buildings, etc. During the past few years, many investment options like residential property, mutual funds, etc., have gone through different challenging times. Today if you are looking for an investment option that could provide you a high return on investments with low initial investment then commercial spaces are the way. With a...

Bhanur: An Amazing Property Investment Opportunity

Property investment is a very delicate and important subject in anyone’s life. The decision of investing has to be made very carefully with proper research and planning. Before buying a property, the buyer should be able to check all his points in the checklist that they have thought of for their dream home. It also helps you to remove any kind of discrepancy at a later stage after buying the...

REIT – The new asset class

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have today become a key consideration while building any kind of equity or fixed-income portfolio. They provide you with greater diversification, low risk, and potentially higher total returns. REITs have the capability of generating dividend income along with capital appreciation, and this makes it an excellent counterbalance to stocks and cash. Whether it is the...

best ways to buy apartments in hyderabad

5 factors while buying apartments in Hyderabad

When you buy an apartment, it’s a wonderful feeling of satisfaction both emotionally and financially. Choosing the right home is one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life. It is a decision that needs to be well-thought-out and planned, with all the factors and variables taken into consideration. Factors such as budget, location, and size of the apartment are just a few things to take...

Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

When buying or renting a new flat in a high-rise building, there are a lot of things to consider before. You need to think of a location which is convenient for you to travel from your workplace, it is near to basic requirements such as market, hospitals, etc. After the location comes the budget in which you want to buy or rent a flat, and then finally comes to the question of which floor to choose.Today...

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

With the pandemic, the importance of green spaces has never before felt relevant. The role of green spaces has become paramount in recent times. Even in the real estate industry, green spaces are now being promoted. Therefore the industry is creating residential areas that are sustainable in nature and creating housing units that focus on green living. What is a green home? Green homes are those homes...

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