December 2021

Move to a new location

Move with purpose! How to benefit from choosing this soon-to-be hot spot as your new address! – Patancheru

Index: What makes a place a hot spot? Factors to considerProperty types to considerPatancheruvuWhat we offer  What makes a place a hot spot?  A place is considered to be a hot spot when it has connectivity, jobs resources, many properties, and a high population with frequent visitors. For a place to qualify as a hot spot, these are generally the basic...

Blue house

Pre-EMI: A Guide for Homebuyers

Index: What is Pre-EMI? How is Pre-EMI paid? Benefits of taking a property on pre-EMI How we can help What is Pre-EMI?   Pre-EMI is a Loan repayment option that allows people to repay the interest of a loan before the construction of their property is completed.   For example, if a person takes a 75,00,000 loan and the tenure is 20 years, Pre-EMI allows the person...

Technology worldwide

How technology has changed the Real Estate game

Technology has changed the world in various drastic ways, without technology our world as it is would not be able to survive. Almost everything in our present life has the influence of technology. From fans, lights, and elevators, to computers, mobile phones, and printers. Almost every action we perform is related to technology. Modern technology consists of a lot of things that has simply made living...

Who are NRIs?

Do’s and Don’ts of investing in India – NRI Edition

Index: Who are NRIs?What are the different types of investment options?Investment procedureDo’s and Don’ts Who are NRIs?An NRI or (Non-Resident Indian) is an Indian citizen who resides in India for less than 180 days in a financial year or someone who stays out of India on business, study, or other vocations that indicate their intention to stay out of India for a while. According to a Ministry of...

Exclusive mandate

Why developers should grant more exclusive mandates?

Index: Reasons to opt for exclusive mandatesHow to choose a consulting company for an exclusive mandateContract formation and detailsReasons to opt for exclusive mandates -An exclusive mandate is a written direction to a consulting company to have the exclusive right to sell a client or developers property on their behalf for a set length of time, which can range from three months to two years.There are...

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