The Indian real estate sector, which has a long history and is thought to be immune to market fluctuations, has grown rapidly in recent years, and this upward trend is anticipated to continue in the years to come. As per predictions, by 2023, India’s real estate market will be worth Rs.13,00,000 crore.

In this blog let us observe what the future holds for each segment of the real estate sectors. 

Indian Real Estate Market

According to estimates, 8% and 9% is the yearly growth rate of Indian real estate. Increased commercial activity, improved job markets, and higher income levels may be to blame for this uptick, which will inevitably lead to a rise in real estate demand. Let’s now examine the real estate market environment in India in 2023.

Commercial Real Estate

Profitable returns in commercial real estate (CRE). Since businesses have resumed doing offline work, CRE, one of the real estate industry’s appealing subsectors, will generate a strong return. Data centres and co-working spaces are expanding in response to the demand for grade-A office space. 


The Grade-A office market will grow to 1.2 billion square feet by 2030 as a result of increasing demand. Now that the pre-pandemic era is gradually returning, several physical stores are opening and operating. E-commerce businesses are additionally competing with one another to grow as widely as possible by increasing their logistical and warehousing capabilities.

Housing Market

In the past, factors such as inflation, rising mortgage rates, and a shortage of building supplies had a negative impact on the housing market. However, this sector would have a significant recovery. In the post-pandemic era, residential sales have already increased by 51%. Additionally, there will be a 7.5% value growth in house prices across India. 


The government is working hard to create measures that will support the restoration of this sector, even though economic data are favourable and show a positive tick. In the next few years the economy is expected to grow. Pre-pandemic working conditions will return, and a variety of other variables will likely contribute to the housing market’s success.

Emerging Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in indian real estate

Emerging real estate markets will be found in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. In the upcoming year, real estate growth in development hubs like Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will be encouraging as it will witness enormous socioeconomic progress. Many prospective buyers are already considering these locations as alternatives to the congested and polluted metropolitan areas. Cities in Tiers 2 and 3 are quickly establishing themselves as real estate hotspots where a strong housing market supports the overall infrastructure’s expansion. In FY 23, these cities will compete with metro areas for investment and offer a variety of residential and commercial options.

Bottom Line

Economic trends will shape the real estate sector. For instance, low interest rates and easier access to capital can make it possible for more people to enter the market, but rising salaries might raise demand for more expensive real estate.


Overall, the real estate industry will remain a competitive and dynamic environment in 2023, offering opportunities for investors of all experience levels.

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