Affordable Home Decor Ideas For This Monsoon

Monsoons are beautiful! 

Heavy splashes of rain, tough winds, and droplets on windows – all of these make for pleasant days and nights during the monsoon. They are cold and dewy and sometimes the weather does get foggy but the beauty that monsoons behold is unlike any other season and decorating the house during monsoon is one of those little life joys. 

Here are a few monsoon decor ideas that will help you keep your spirits up and enjoy the pitter-patter outside.

Kick Out The Glooms With A Pop Of Colour

Rains can lead to an overall glum environment. With grey skies overhead your home is going to start reflecting the gloomy outdoors. A great way to take out the dull weather is to add in colours. Enliven your home with pop-coloured cushions. Opt for vibrant colours like orange, bright pink, and yellow to brighten up your home. This will surely glam up your room instantly. Changing your cushion covers is the easiest way to keep your room fresh and preppy. The living room is a place where you all tend to spend a lot of time with family or friends so pep the place up with colourful pillows, woollen bean bags, and a nice warm abstract floor mat!

Spread Rugs

Throwing a stylish rug on the floor is one of the quickest ways to add a decorative accent to your room. Rugs give warmth, freshness, comfort, and beautify your home. Rug size should be based on the dimension of the room. It should be large enough to seat the furniture without completely taking over the entire space.

Dry Your Damps In Style

The monsoons come with a lot of pitter-patter raindrops as you all know that can get your home all icky. Walking straight in with a raincoat and umbrella dripping wet is not such a wise thing to do. So, it would be great to invest in an umbrella stand and coat hanger. The damps can dry in a corner and you can save yourself a mopping cycle!

Statement Piece

A single statement piece changes the entire look of a room. Adding bold and eye-catching pieces like a vintage chair, artwork, or vintage mirror can combine the look of the room cost-effectively. You can also erect a simple thin wooden framework with open shelves or throw down rugs or carpets with contrasting colours, painting the two adjoining walls with distinct colours, or using different themed wallpapers, hanging well-draped curtains, or constructing a glass barrier.

Add Curtains

Curtains are an important element in any home as they control the light, separate spaces, and provide privacy, they dress up the windows and become an important feature that completes the decoration. They have a high decorative value and come in a multitude of colours, patterns, fabrics, and materials. For example, if the room is monotonous with neutral shades, the ideal thing is to choose curtains that blend the colours of furniture and other attractive elements featured in the room and vice versa. Transparent curtains are always in fashion but they don’t achieve the desired privacy.

Blooming Beauties

Take out your old vases and empty wine bottles and fill them up with the colours of this monsoon season. Pluck pretty jasmines, lilies, hibiscus, and let them float with some water. You can also use your old boots as a quirky flower vase.

Affordable home decor ideas for this Monsoon

Sheer Window Dressing

Remove heavy draperies and invest in sheer fabrics. Velvets, jacquards, and even cotton soak up moisture and keep your home musty. Sheer or lace curtains will allow even thin sunlight to stream in which helps in keeping your space bright and airy.

Give The Illusion Of Higher Ceilings

If you can’t raise your roof, you might want to raise your window treatments. Raising window panels creates an illusion of height and gives it a grander feel. An inexpensive way to achieve this is to simply add fabric to your existing panels.

Affordable home decor ideas for this Monsoon

Candle Light And Scents Of Delight

Arrange scented candles with accent pieces on a stylish and attractive tray. Light them up to add warmth to your home and also to fight the musty and mouldy smells of the rain. The monsoon season does leave the smell of damp fungi behind. Doing this at your home can leave your house smelling like heaven. Scented candles, fresh flowers, and incense sticks are sure to do their trick.

A good design trick will elevate your home in minutes. Try incorporating a few ideas from the above. 

Happy Decorating!

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