All you need to know about the new proposed RRR – Regional Ring Road

All you need to know about the Regional Ring Road


  • What is an RRR? (Regional Ring Road)

  • RRR project in Hyderabad

  • Benefits of the RRR

  • The RRR and Real Estate
  • Additional information


What is an RRR? 

What is a Regional Ring Road?

A ring road is a road or a series of connected roads encircling a town, city, or country. 


The most common purpose of a ring road is to assist in reducing traffic volumes in the urban center, such as by offering an alternate route around the city for drivers who do not need to stop in the city core. 


A Regional Ring Road is the outermost road connection in a city that usually encircles an Outer Ring Road circled around an Inner Ring Road that helps in connecting major highways in the state.


For today’s blog, we’re going to be talking about the recently proposed Regional Ring Road project in Hyderabad, Telangana.



RRR project in Hyderabad

RRR Project in Hyderabad

The Regional Ring Road project proposed in Hyderabad is a 4 or 6 lane expressway that is proposed to be 330kms long and will be taken up by the

NHAI – National Highways Authority of India.


The alignment of the Hyderabad Regional Ring Road will be approximately 30 kilometers away from the existing 158-kilometer Outer Ring Road (ORR). It will connect several national and state highways, including NH-44, NH-164, NH-65, NH-765, NH-63, SH-1, and SH-19.


The project has also led to the construction of 9 new highways in the city in order to fix the previously broken linkages and to improve connectivity.


Benefits of the RRR

Benefits of the Regional Ring Road

The construction of the Regional Ring Road will bring about numerous changes to the area. One of the major benefits of this project is the developmental headway it will bring about to the surrounding areas!


While other benefits of the RRR are as follows:


  • After the project is completed, traffic from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bengaluru, and Delhi will be diverted to the RRR, reducing congestion.


  • It is predicted to bring about a lot more development in the city and for areas between the ORR and the RRR increasing construction, business, and connectivity by huge portions.


  • This will be beneficial to various companies in the area and will bring about residential as well as commercial development in the area whilst increasing the city’s economy.




The RRR and Real Estate 

The RRR and Real Estate in Hyderabad

With the Regional Ring Road project coming up there will be a lot of lands available for various development projects. This means that there will be no limit on real estate in the surrounding areas.


The government also proposed paying for 50% of the land acquisition that is being taken up by the NHAI in order to start the project at the earliest.

Projects near the RRR and the ORR will soon be locations with prime development hence, try to keep an eye out for projects coming up in these areas to score an amazing investment.

Additional Information

Additional Information of the RRR

The major towns and villages that will be connected through the Regional Ring Road are located in the districts of Rangareddy, Bhuvanagiri, Siddipet, and Sangareddi.


The project will mostly be divided into two parts:


  • The northern half of the project, which is approximately 164 kilometers long, is estimated to cost Rs. 9,500 crores and will connect Sangareddy, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel, Pragnapur, and Bhuvanagiri.


  • The southern half of the project, which is approximately 182 kilometers long, is expected to cost Rs. 6,480 crores and will connect Bhuvanagiri, Choutuppal, Ibrahimpatnam, Kandukur, Amangal, Chevella, Shankarpally, and Sangareddy.


The ring road was originally referred to as the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) in the first draught proposal, but it has since been renamed as the Regional Ring Road (RRR) instead.


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