Benefits Of Investing In Hyderabad Real Estate

Over the last decade, Hyderabad has become one of the most preferred destinations for homebuyers essentially due to its developed commercial infrastructure. 

The main reasons behind Hyderabad’s development as a real estate destination are affordable residential prices, government stability and the strong development of the IT corridor.

While the leading real estate markets including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata were severely impacted by the recent policy intervention, but Hyderabad has been growing quarter on quarter.

There are countless real estate opportunities in Hyderabad. The market is cost-effective here when compared to other metropolitan cities in India. 

Hyderabad is still the most value-for-money destination in India in terms of real estate, affordability and livability. Here are some of the top advantages of investing in Hyderabad real estate. 

If you are hunting plots or residential properties, Hyderabad would be a strong choice. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of investing in the Hyderabad real estate market.



In India, the central location of Hyderabad gives it convenient access to other Indian metros. Therefore making it a favourable location to set up corporate headquarters. The climate is equally advantageous for farming which reduces transportation costs for food staples. 


Growing Job Market

It is a fact that one can expect to get a greater return on investment through property investment from locations where employment opportunities are higher. 

Hyderabad has lately transformed into a global commercial hub. The potential for further growth is still enormous. As more organizations set up their offices in Hyderabad, this creates a tremendous job market and an equally enormous requirement for residential areas. In addition to IT, other sectors including manufacturing, defence and aerospace, financial services, engineering, pharma and hospitality are flourishing in the city. This influential and developing job market increases the demand for apartments, villas and open plots in areas close to industrial hubs.


Transportation & Infrastructure

Hyderabad’s infrastructure and connectivity have changed immensely over the past decade. The city is enduring a high infrastructural growth rate which continues to grow every year. Improved infrastructural facilities in Hyderabad are not only contributing to the connectivity in the state but also paving the way for upcoming real estate development and ease of doing business.

The Outer Ring Road (ORR) project is one of the crucial factors that have contributed to the growth of Hyderabad real estate as it reduces traffic congestion within the city. The Outer Ring Road allows easy connectivity across Hyderabad, which makes commuting more convenient. 

The introduction of the Metro Rail in Hyderabad has improved the connectivity across Hyderabad. 

The Hyderabad Metro is a 72 km long and three-corridor elevated metro rail project that is going to provide a major lift to urban infrastructure. 

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has excellent connectivity to Hyderabad’s main commercial hubs and is commonly praised as one of the best airports in the world. 

As the Telangana government committed to the development of infrastructure and connectivity, Hyderabad’s property market is only going to grow. Residents get the assurance of a comfortable and convenient stay in Hyderabad.


Quality of Living

The quality of living in Hyderabad is at the top in comparison to the other metro cities. 

According to Mercer’s Quality of Living survey, Hyderabad has been holding the top spot for 5 years in a row among all Indian metros. Hyderabad scored well in many aspects including a relatively lower crime rate, good schools, good hospitals, low pollution levels, growing infrastructure and a flourishing job market.


Budget-Friendly Lifestyle

Hyderabad is a metropolitan city with a cost-effective, budget-friendly lifestyle and comfortable living. The cost of living in Hyderabad is lower in comparison to other metropolitan cities. Hyderabad is a place where one can enjoy all the convenience of a big city at an affordable cost. This city has been consistently ranking amongst the top cities when it comes to quality of living in India.


Open Spaces In An Urban Setting

The landscape of Hyderabad has many areas with open spaces with easy access to the city centre. This allows developers to offer properties surrounded by serene natural settings away from the bustling crowd. Projects in Hyderabad are well designed and provide luxury living while surrounded by open spaces. There are high chances to find a home located in a serene setting with eco-friendly amenities while not compromising on luxury or convenience.


Right Government Initiatives

The government initiatives have given lives to the drowning market. Due to various policies like Look East and North, Integrated township policy, etc., the demand for property is driving to multiple peripheral areas. 

Close to 5 IT parks have been approved in the countryside to encourage development. The government in this state is trying its best to avoid saturation in order to provide new investment opportunities in the neighbourhoods. 


Housing Options

Hyderabad has always been a popular real estate destination essentially due to its developed commercial infrastructure. In the last few years, numerous projects have been undertaken in the residential space, especially high-end and mid-range properties. The factors driving this growth include the availability of high-value projects with a wide range of amenities, infrastructure and urban migration. The broad availability of quality housing choices keeps rental prices at a comparatively lower rate than other metros. 

As the Hyderabad GDP per capita growing at +8% (highest in the country) and the state’s economy turning stronger, alongside game-changing regulatory reforms of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) and Goods and Service Tax, the likelihoods for real estate growth in the city look assured.


Lucrative Tax Benefits

The state offers many benefits to the customers. Lately, the state government of Telangana as a Diwali gift has given a 50% waiver off on the property tax to house owners. The tax benefits like these lure the investors and also help the homeowners save some money. These kinds of offers attract investments from investors by creating a win-win situation for investors and developers.

The asset owners staying in the neighbourhood of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation can claim the tax rebate upto Rs. 15,000. Also, the owners of 141 other municipalities in the state could claim an Rs. 10,000 tax rebate. 


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