Bhanur: An Amazing Property Investment Opportunity

Property investment is a very delicate and important subject in anyone’s life. The decision of investing has to be made very carefully with proper research and planning. Before buying a property, the buyer should be able to check all his points in the checklist that they have thought of for their dream home. It also helps you to remove any kind of discrepancy at a later stage after buying the property.

Bhanur is a fast-growing locality that is spread over an area of 12.78 km2 in the west zone of Hyderabad. As of the year 2020, the population of this locality was found to be 6168 which means a population density of about 482 people per km2. The male population of this locality is about 3163 and the female is about 3005.

The literacy rate of Bhanur city is 81.12 % higher than the state average of 67.02 %. In Bhanur, Male literacy is around 87.38 % while the female literacy rate is 74.65 %.

This locality offers a great range of infrastructural development and amenities like offices, apartments, schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery shops, etc. that has created immense value for the property in Bhanur. Geographically, Bhanur is located in Sangareddy district which is near Patancheru. Here below we have curated some of the important aspects about how Bhanur has emerged as an amazing investment opportunity:


The location of the property is one of the topmost points in anyone’s checklist before buying a property. And it is so because it plays a vital role in one’s day to day lifestyle. Bhanur is located near Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road, which is further connected to several mainstream areas of Hyderabad like Shankarpalli, Kollur, Kokapet, Tellapur, Mokila, Gopanpally, Patancheru, etc. and this again makes Bhanur an amazing location as it acts as a good connectivity channel with great transport facility.

Bhanur is mainly known for its several central government establishments like BDL (Bharath Dynamic Limited) and ODF (Ordnance Factory). These make Bhanur a well-reputed neighbourhood where one can always be relaxed as they are in a high-security zone and surrounded by well-educated people.


As we read earlier that Bhanur is connected with a lot of mainstream areas which therefore makes it a good connectivity channel. But apart from that, Bhanur is also fully developed with all sorts of public amenities one requires in their day-to-day life like banks, markets, etc. Shankarpally is the nearest railway station from Bhanur which is approximately only 7.8 km away. Even the IT hubs of Kokapet, Financial district, Gachibowli and Hi-Tech city are easily commutable from this locality.

Bhanur also has ample amount of educational institutions like Global Indian International School, DAV BDL Public School, Indus International School, Narayana Olympiad on Shankarpalli road, The Gaudium School at Kollur, Samashti International school at Nagulapalli etc.

The location is also really well connected to the airport, the closet one being  Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is reachable in less than 40 mins.

Land record 

The quality of land on which the property is built also plays an essential part. Proper research along with an expert is needed for this so as to make sure that the future of your property is safe. Make sure there aren’t any past dues on the property and it is registered. Currently, the area of Bhanur is in a stage of strategic development with a full pace of residential and commercial development going on. 

As pandemic has allowed people to choose the location of their choice while working remotely and Bhanur being one of the clean and pollution free landscape with huge space in the city. Therefore it has become a favourite spot for people to stay, which has led to many upcoming projects in the locality.

And this has made it a preferred destination for new potential buyers and investors.

Environment and amenities 

Yes, environment and amenities are also essential criteria while finalizing your dream property. Having a regular water supply and electricity supply is a must check before investing. One must also ensure that there is security and timely other health back-ups available if needed in the future. Apart from these, the condition of roads and laws of the neighborhood act as an important point of consideration. Bhanur is growing today as an advanced infrastructure place and therefore is a very peaceful and well-mobilized location in Hyderabad.


Budget is a criterion that stops many investors and buyers to get their dream property. But this is not the case with Bhanur, it provides you properties with a great range of prices depending on the quality of the property you go for. However there are some places that are well established and gained a lot of prosperity like Kollur, Kondakal, Mokila and Shankarpalli are more expensive as compared to Bhanur.

There are a lot of new plot projects for sale at a suitable budget for everyone. The current land rate of Bhanur is from Rs. 27,000 per square yards to Rs. 38,000 per square yard. As an investor or a buyer, your main goal is to look for a long-term goal that can provide you with good returns on investment. And therefore Bhanur is a smart investment that will definitely provide immense profit in upcoming years.

Bhanur is in the proximity of various mainstream areas that has created a lot of traction for its development in the past few years. The Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) will be manufactured in Bhanur at BDL along with new Rail coach projects by Medha at Kondakal village in Shankarpalle. Also, South India’s biggest railway junction is coming up nearby this location. And this is why currently the real estate of Bhanur is going through a boom.

There exists an ample amount of property options in Bhanur. Many new projects have been started here with quality residential projects that have the capability to match the expectations of future inhabitants. As an investor or a buyer always ensure that you check on all your aspects before investing in any place.

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