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Vastu, a Hindu science that directs the creation of all structures, specifies the number of rules. The Vastu for flats and apartments must adhere to the science of structure in order to be auspicious and generate positivity. Given the shrinking land space and rising population, owning and developing a home can be a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment nowadays. The space must be shielded from bad...


The Smart City Mission is on its way to revolutionise the real estate sector in India. According to a report titled 'Real Estate – A Relook,' released by the CII in collaboration with its knowledge partner CBRE, the real estate sector, which has witnessed decades of traditional approaches, will now be revolutionised by 'disruptors' who have initiated a new wind of demand in the sector. Smart cities,...

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

With the pandemic, the importance of green spaces has never before felt relevant. The role of green spaces has become paramount in recent times. Even in the real estate industry, green spaces are now being promoted. Therefore the industry is creating residential areas that are sustainable in nature and creating housing units that focus on green living. What is a green home? Green homes are those homes...

Affordable Home Decor Ideas For This Monsoon

Monsoons are beautiful!  Heavy splashes of rain, tough winds, and droplets on windows – all of these make for pleasant days and nights during the monsoon. They are cold and dewy and sometimes the weather does get foggy but the beauty that monsoons behold is unlike any other season and decorating the house during monsoon is one of those little life joys.  Here are a few monsoon decor ideas that...

Innovative ways to add more space and light to your Home

We are what we see! Our surroundings play a significant role in our mindset. As the saying goes, a cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Colours, visuals, natural light, aesthetics are the crucial players in a home. Presenting you different ways to add more space and light Painting walls white White doesn’t only look good on clouds, they also look the best on walls and make your house appear...

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