Last Wednesday, the state government issued GO 69 (Government Order 69), lifting certain restrictions imposed under GO 111 (Government Order 111) in 1996 to protect the catchment area of the Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar reservoirs, which were the city’s primary drinking water sources at the time.


1. What changes will GO 69 bring?

2. Impact of GO 69 removing GO 111 restrictions on Real Estate

3. Government Action

1. What changes will GO 69 bring?

According to the order, the state government has decided to lift the restrictions imposed under paragraph 3 of GO 111, subject to the condition that the water quality of these two reservoirs not harmed in any way and that all efforts made to improve their quality. It issued in 1996 to prevent extreme industrialization and heavy construction activities in 83 villages, as well as pollution of the Osman and Himayat Sagars. The water of Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar served the drinking water needs of the Greater Hyderabad region at the time, but since the government solved the drinking water problem, the GO has become obsolete. As a result, the orders revoked by the KCR Government.

The efforts would include the installation of decentralized Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) at various locations, the construction of diversion channels for carrying the treated water without allowing it to enter these two reservoirs, the maintenance of ground water quality, the reduction of pollution caused by agricultural surface run-off into these two reservoirs, and any other measures deemed necessary to ensure water quality.

2. Impact of GO 69 removing GO 111 restrictions on Real Estate

The GO 111 covers over 1.32 lakh acres and affects 83 villages, according to real estate experts, and if lifted, will result in a boom in construction activities in that region, contributing to the state’s economic growth.

When the GO 111 is repealed, land availability will increase, and land prices that fall under the GO will almost certainly rise. The surrounding land that falls under non-GO 111 areas has been steadily increasing in value, and this will continue to do so once the GO is revoked. We anticipate a decrease in non-GO land prices, allowing more properties to be available in areas closer to the Western corridor’s developing areas.

3. Government Action

The government has formed a Committee headed by the Chief Secretary and consisting of Special Chief Secretary (MA&UD), Special Chief Secretary (Finance), Special Chief Secretary (I&CAD), Managing Director (HMWS&SB), Member Secretary (TSPCB), and Director (Plng) HMDA to frame the guidelines and detailed regulations.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference (ToR) include suggesting measures to protect and prevent pollution to these two reservoirs, broad guidelines for zoning, including the earmarking of green zones, modalities for developing trunk infrastructure in this area, and means of resource mobilization for taking up trunk infrastructure, such as roads, major drains, STPs, diversion drains, and so on.

The Committee will also recommend an appropriate institutional framework to take up infrastructure and regulate development in this area, as well as the necessary regulatory measures insisted upon when granting any layout or building permission, and any changes to the existing legal framework to effectively regulate development in this area.

The orders also stated that while finalizing the guidelines, comprehensive restrictions must be put in place to ensure that not only suitable STPs, but also diversion drains are in place to transport treated water without allowing sewage water to enter the two reservoirs. The Committee would also look into ways to raise funds to meet the area’s infrastructure needs.

According to the order, the committee should work on the above-mentioned ToR and submit its report to the government as soon as possible, while keeping the broad primary goal of protecting the quality of two water bodies in mind.

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