The Double Bedroom Housing Scheme, also known as the 2 BHK Housing Scheme, is a game changer for Telangana’s urban and rural poor. For eligible BPL families, the State Government is providing two-bedroom houses with a plinth area of 560 square feet. This scheme will benefit those looking to buy 2 BHK flats in Hyderabad for between Rs. 10 and 20 lakh in the future. The Telangana Hyderabad double bedroom scheme aims to provide 2.72 lakh housing units by March 2019 and 3 lakh units by 2024 at a cost of Rs. 36,000 crore.

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  1. What beneficiaries get under the 2 BHK Housing Scheme 
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Selection of Beneficiaries
  3. How to apply for this Housing Scheme?
  4. How Beneficiaries are chosen?

1. What beneficiaries get under the 2 BHK Housing Scheme

The Telangana State Government is selling two-bedroom homes with a plinth area of 560 square feet for Rs. 5 lakh. The Central Government is spending Rs. 70,000 of this amount, with the State Government contributing the rest. The government is also providing cement at Rs. 230 per bag to private licenced developers who are constructing these homes, while sand has been abundantly allocated to meet demand throughout the State. Beneficiaries will receive the following:

  • 2 bedrooms,
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Hall 
  • Kitchen 
  • Plot size of 125 square yards in rural areas/36 square yards in urban areas (G++ pattern)
  • Free land is being offered.
  • Without having to take out loans or spend their savings, they can cover the entire cost of their home.

2. Eligibility Criteria for Selection of Beneficiaries

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  • Beneficiary family must be a BPL family with a valid Food Security Card with a number on her/his name (in case of widow/widower/physically challenged).
  • The house will be sanctioned in the name of the family’s housewife.
  • Families who are currently houseless or living in huts, katcha houses, or rented houses.
  • Family members should not own any concrete homes, and other family members should not have received homes through various housing schemes such as INDIRAMMA.
  • Persons with disabilities or differently-abled citizens will be given 5% of the 2 BHK homes.
  • The following SC/ST/Minorities caste composition (of available eligible SC/ST/Minorities) shall be followed in the selection of beneficiaries in each Assembly Constituency, and the overall composition for the district as a whole shall be maintained.

Rural: SC/ST – 50%, Minorities – 7%, and the balance is made up of others.

Urban: SC – 17%, ST – 6%, Minorities – 12%, and the rest are evenly distributed.

(The percentages indicated are minimums and may be exceeded to the extent required in any given scenario.)

3. How to apply for this Housing Scheme?

All those who want to live in a 2BHK housing scheme must fill out an application to receive the benefits of the Double Bedroom Housing Scheme. Interested applicants should simply go to their local MeeSeva centre and submit the completed application form along with copies of the required documents. Applicants must fill out an application form with their personal information, family information, income, Aadhar number, address, contact information, and other information, as well as a passport-sized photograph.

4. How beneficiaries are chosen?

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Beneficiaries are chosen in the following manner:

  • District level committees will choose villages for the implementation of the 2 BHK Housing Scheme based on GO Ms. No.10, Housing (RH&C.A1) Dept, dt.15.10.2015, and beneficiaries will be chosen based on GO Ms. No.12, Housing (RH&C.A1) Dept, dt.26.11.2015.
  • Beneficiaries who are eligible based on the schedule provided by the District Collectors are asked to submit applications, which will be collected by the delegated officer during Gram Sabha.
  • The Gram Sabha will conduct the initial assessment to determine eligible beneficiaries, and the list will be created and forwarded to the mandal Tahsildar for verification.
  • The Tahsildar will submit the final list of applicants to the District Collector after they have been verified.
  • According to the District Collector’s schedule, the verified list will be presented to the Gram Sabha for final approval.
  • Following that, the District Collector will make this list public, and in the event of a complaint, the District Level Officer will conduct an investigation, with findings presented to the Appellate Committee, whose orders will be considered the final verdict.

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