How technology has changed the Real Estate game

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Technology has changed the world in various drastic ways, without technology our world as it is would not be able to survive. Almost everything in our present life has the influence of technology.


From fans, lights, and elevators, to computers, mobile phones, and printers. Almost every action we perform is related to technology.


Modern technology consists of a lot of things that has simply made living easier. We use phones to communicate with people, we work on computers and laptops, and with the increase of robotics, we probably won’t even have to work in a few years.

Without technology in our daily life, we wouldn’t be able to survive. You’d be surprised to know the number of people who rely on technology because almost all of us do.


Basic life skills that our ancestors knew were all replaced with technology. Even things like cooking their own food or writing a letter to someone as a form of communication. A lot of people don’t even know how to do these things.

So, how does technology help out in the real estate sector? 


With the continuous advancements in technology, people can now view properties and look for the house they are interested to buy, all with just a few clicks online.


Major housing sites even allow people to put their own listings up in case they are trying to sell their own house. How crazy is that? 

From living in a generation that didn’t even know what was in the next town unless they traveled there to becoming a generation that is able to view things everywhere online worldwide, technology sure has developed a lot.

The benefits of technology and how it helps real estate 


Technology helps real estate in various ways, a few famous ones are as follows:

  • Helping with viewing property online: People can see projects online and certain sites even allow VR House tours which let people see a site online without having to go there personally.

    This also allows people to view multiple properties online at once instead of visiting each site personally, and hence makes their work easier.


  • Helping the environment: Technology has inspired people to opt for greener ways of living, and hence properties with greener living alternatives getting popularized helps the environment tremendously.

    A few examples of these could be Garbage recycling options, Rain-water harvesting pits, Solar terraces, etc.

  • Helping with automation: Technology has allowed companies to track their leads and potential investors via automated messaging, forms, and contact services.

    This helps them communicate easily without having to go out and find potential clients on their own but instead, brings the clients to them.


  • Helping in developing smarter homes: Technology helps with developing features like an advanced security system, automated lighting, sound systems, appliances, heaters, etc.

    These developments make it easier for people to live, and benefits the further development of the real estate sector.

    Older people are more likely to look for a house that has all of these advanced technologies so that they may live at ease without having to worry about convenience or security. 


  • Helping through cloud integration: Thanks to the advancements in technology, companies can also hopefully make closures and sign business documents online someday through the cloud.

    This would immensely help people and companies which would make business transactions easier to handle.

The future of technology in the real estate field is a bright one that will lead to many more such innovations and is predicted to progress two or three-fold in the next decade.


Our company Bridl360 is a tech-led real estate company, which means that most of our listings and projects are all available online. We can help show you good projects in locations that you are interested in, and you can make a decision based on what you prefer. 

If you’re interested in buying or making an investment in a certain property or would like us to write about your favorite topics, then let us know by dropping thoughts in the comment section below!


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