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What makes a place a hot spot? 

A place is considered to be a hot spot when it has connectivity, jobs resources, many properties, and a high population with frequent visitors. For a place to qualify as a hot spot, these are generally the basic requirements.


An example of one of the most popular hotspots worldwide is New York City. The busy and bustling NYC life is something that most people dream to see at least once in their lifetime.


India has various places that function as hot spots, mainly Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. These places are well-known for their attractions, food, job availability, and population among other things.

Factors to consider


There are a couple of things that people need to consider before opting to live in a particular location. The main one being your intention or purpose of relocation.


  • Intention or purpose of relocation: Are you moving for work? Or maybe for housing? Maybe you want to relocate for family or just for the sake of getting a change of scenery.

    Whatever the intent may be, its important for you to acknowledge it before making a proper decision.


  • Picking a place to stay: It is vital to choose a place that has everything that you need. Staying with your family? Choose a place that is close to your workplace and schools for your children!

    Staying alone? Pick a place that is suitable to your job, lifestyle and tastes. Staying with your parents? Pick a place that is easily accessible with close connectivity to hospitals and grocery stores.


  • Evaluating a place: It’s also important that you know what the location you want to live at is like. Is it bustling and full of life? Is it calm and peaceful? Is it a mixture of both?

    It’s important to properly evaluate a location before you decide to move there for any other reasons. 

Property types to consider

Once you have a location in mind, the next step is choosing what kind of property you want to live in. If with family then most people prefer staying in residential apartments or villas. 


If staying alone then people usually go for studio apartments, single bed villas or something similar that can act as a cool bachelor/spinster pad.


However, in a hot spot like Patancheru, what fun is it if you choose to move there but don’t want a house with a view of the lake?!


Patancheru has a multitude of luxury apartments and villas that could be yours, if you choose to act fast and grab them.

Patancheruvu Location Details

Road on the way to Patancheru

Patancheru is a location that is developing extremely quickly due to its excellent connectivity to Hi-tech city – Hyderabad’s very own IT corridor. 


Not only is it close to IIT, it’s also a quickly developing real estate zone with premium resources located all around it.


It offers everything you need to live a comfortable life and much more along with it.


Patancheru has multiple location advantages, it’s close to the Outer Ring Road, Close to Oakdale International School, Near BHEL Township, Close to Ellanki engineering College, Volvo Bus Body Building Unit nearby, Close to Sultanpur 800 Acre Medical Devices SEZ, etc…

Patancheru will also have a Metro Railway Station soon and will offer a hassle-free commute to various other places. It also offers easy travel to places like Hi-tech city, Gachibowli Financial District, and BHEL.


So, why delay it any longer? If you are looking for a place that has good connectivity and lets you work and live without the worries of staying in an underdeveloped area then Patancheru is the best place for you.

What we offer


Bridl360 has a variety of services and we can help you find the perfect property to move into.


Villas in Patancheru are a new trend and with good reason. Villa projects like Golden Meadows and others are the perfect kind of property to choose if you are interested in relocating to a place like Patancheruvu.


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