How to check the construction quality of your new home?

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

Every home buyer dreams to have their property made with the best quality. One considers a lot of points before buying a home-like location, connectivity, design, etc., but apart from all these, the construction quality plays the most important role. Before shifting into your new home it is always advised to check its construction quality and strength. Today this has become a crucial criterion for potential home buyers to ensure that whether their homes are safe to live in or not. We have curated some of the important points to do while checking the quality of your house.

Paint quality

Ensure to check the unevenness on the walls, and cracks on the wall plastering. The small wall cracks even can tell a lot about the quality of paint used, as lack of curing also leads to such cracks in the wall with time. Painting walls with very high-quality paints can obviously give an appealing look but lack of proper curing can damage them before time.

Role of RERA

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, under section 14 states that if within the age of five years if the property faces any sorts of structural defects then it is wholly the responsibility of the builder to rectify it. This act is limited only to a few projects and buildings, so make sure to check if it also applies to your building.

Wall thickness

Generally, the developers should reveal the thickness of the walls in the agreements of the layout. But if the developers are not revealing this fact or have written, it is always advised to check this on site. One of the tests that you yourself can do is by pressing a key against the wall. If the key is able to make the hole easily in the wall then you should enquire the builder about the concrete mix. Another test could be tapping the walls with knuckles, it will help you reveal if the wall inside is hollow or plywood is used inside the walls instead of a concrete mix.

Third-party assistance

There are some real estate agencies that can assist you in getting a comprehensive quality check of the house. The price of these depends on the size of your house. If you’re purchasing a large property then it is recommended to get it inspected.

Soil quality 

The most important element of a building is the foundation on which it is made. Observe the quality and variety of soil the construction is done. For this a test for soil could be conducted, it gives quality insights about the soil. One should never buy a property that is built on clay-rich soil or black cotton soil. It is because these types of soils are not ideal for large constructions, as the soil might swell or shrink with time with the change in the level of moisture and water.

Bathroom fittings 

By checking the overall shape, and superior fittings one can judge the quality of sanitary fittings in bathrooms well. If you want to check for cracks, gently tap on the ceramic fittings. The sound produces if is hoarse then it will confirm the presence of cracks in it. Another way to check the bathroom fittings is to check the flow of water, its speed, and the types of faucets used. One last important thing to check in your bathroom is the tiles used, make sure that anti-skid tiles are used to avoid any sort of accidents.

Structural design

It is obvious that a person can lack the expertise of assessing the structural quality by themselves. In this case, you can always take the help of an expert. An expert could give you insights into the design quality of the building, the structural strength of the property. They can even assess the quality of construction that whether it is earthquake resistance, able to handle fire, and other emergency issues.

In many of the surveys, it was found that after shifting into their new homes people faced issues with construction quality. And in this situation, it becomes difficult to fix them too. Due to a large number of projects going on with a real estate developer, it might be possible that they even juggle the quality of construction. There might exist some properties which look to be built with good quality, but later with time may cause a lot of expenditure.

The quality of construction not only depicts safety but also the future resale value of it. Whenever a person buys a property it is obvious that you want to be sure that you don’t end up spending all of your savings repairing and maintain the house. With the advancement of technology today it is possible to check the sturdiness of the property and even depicting its future health statistics. To ensure the safety of your family and not have sleepless nights, it is always recommended to go through a quality check before moving in to avoid future problems.

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