Vastu, a Hindu science that directs the creation of all structures, specifies the number of rules. The Vastu for flats and apartments must adhere to the science of structure in order to be auspicious and generate positivity. Given the shrinking land space and rising population, owning and developing a home can be a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment nowadays.

vastu in appartment

The space must be shielded from bad energy in order to preserve positive feelings of pride and contentment. In order to mitigate the negative impacts, Vastu Shastra for flats and apartments recommends orientation, placement, plot selection, and other decorative items.

Here are a few characteristics that may assist you determine whether a property complies with vastu if you intend to invest in one.

1. Location Of The Prayer Area In Vastu

Vastu for pooja room

The location of the pooja rooms is of great importance in Vastu shastra. Experts say the most preferable directions for pooja room are the north east, east and north. These directions are promising and will bring good fortune to all members residing in the house.

2. Position Of The Main Door Or Entry In Vastu Shastra

Your home or apartment’s entrance should ideally be on the northeast corner. You may, however, select the entrance based on your profession:
Entrance to the business facing north
Politics – Entrance to the east
South facing entryway for an artist or creative
Administration – West entrance

3. Placement Of Toilet

bathroom vastu

Make sure the bathroom or toilet is not in the home’s northeast corner.

It should ideally be in one of the following home corners: east of south-east, south of south-west, or west of north-west.
As there is no recognised solution to mitigate the bad effects of this, it is advised to stay away from such homes or apartments.


4. Placement Of The Bedroom

bedroom interior

The master bedroom shouldn’t be in the northeast corner, and no bedroom should be located in the south or south-west. This is thought to result in financial loss, poor health, sleep deprivation, and no professional advancement.

5. Location Of The Kids Room For Vastu

The northwest corner of the house shouldn’t house the kids’ bedroom. To ensure that a child’s head is facing east or south, it should ideally be in the south-west

6. Placement Of The Kitchen

vastu of kitchen

Avoid apartments where the kitchen is located in the north corner at all costs. The kitchen should preferably be located in the south or south-east corner, although it can also be in the west.

These are the four main elements that have an impact on a house’s vastu compliance. However, a home becomes roughly 30%–40% compliant thanks to these variables. In addition to the structural elements stated above, you must make some internal changes to your home in order to make it completely vastu-friendly. One of these ideas is to put a wind chime over the front door or in the middle of the living room.


Different directions and placements for flats and apartments are advised by the Vastu Shastra. Check out the information above before choosing or building a flat or apartment for residential use if you want your home to be auspicious and to bring you physical, mental, and financial well-being. The Vastu Shastra contains a detailed structure design for buildings that will turn them into A-grade apartments and plots. The most auspicious apartments, known as A-grade apartments, are those that can bring their residents success.

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