Innovative ways to add more space and light to your Home

We are what we see!

Our surroundings play a significant role in our mindset. As the saying goes, a cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Colours, visuals, natural light, aesthetics are the crucial players in a home. Presenting you different ways to add more space and light

Painting walls white

White doesn’t only look good on clouds, they also look the best on walls and make your house appear bigger and brighter. Adding colourful embellishments on white walls will make it look simple yet beautiful.

Table and armchair in white child room interior with copy space Free Photo

Minimalist furniture 

Keeping the furniture light and simple instead of bold colours draws more attention to the aesthetics of the room and makes the room look more magnanimous than the actual. Low-to-ground furniture makes sure that the visuals on eye-level are clear and obstacle-free. 

Interior of light room with sofa on empty dark blue wall, 3d rendering Free Photo

Playing with mirrors

To brighten a dark room and expand visual space one of the old pieces of advice to follow is to use mirrors.

The more mirrors in a room, the brighter and larger the room is going to look. But there is a technique to be followed to achieve this as well. Using mirrors everywhere in the room is not a viable option. To use the mirror to its fullest potential, place them near a light source.

Luxurious white dressing table Free Photo

Creating illusions

Another way to make a dark room brighter is to create the illusions of windows where there aren’t any at all. Adding curtains on either side of the window gives an illusion of numerous windows in the house. Using long curtains will also help create a similar illusion and make the room look spacious and blazing. 

Woman in quarantine at home looking through the window Free Photo

Choosing health from colours

Talking about rooms and moods, we can never forget the roles played by colours. Each colour has a vibe, and it creates a whole environment around it. They are not only soothing for the eyes, but they also affect one’s health. While red colour in your room ensures your heart rate and breathing is rhythmic, yellow cherishes your mind and improves concentration. Seeing orange colour increases the excitement in your veins, and blue helps you think better and be extra productive. Choosing green colour syncs with nature and creates a pseudo nature inside the house. Adding in a lot of green articles inside the house is the best way to feel amidst nature and create a bigger picture of the house.

Plant in an empty room with gray wall Free Photo

Using illuminators

Aiming the artificial lighting at the walls or ceiling is a great way to increase the entrance of light in the house. Fairy lights, candles, and other 

ambient light sources serve the same purpose. 

Black and white bed with wooden bedhead in loft interior, geometric lights Free Photo

Sunlight over any light

Not to forget, make a window on every possible wall as no light can ever light up the room like Sunlight.

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Too many articles are a big no-no

Hanging all the artwork you find beautiful might not make your room look beautiful. Keeping the walls neat with one or two paintings is going to make the whole room look attractive and huge.

Empty flat interrior with elements of decoration Free Photo

Unobstructed windows

Windows and natural light are indispensable in making a room feel large. Remember, don’t do anything which hinders the amount of light that you get in your room. So, try to keep the window areas unobstructed and allow maximum light to enter the room.

Modern interior room with furniture, tv room, dining room, the kitchen.3d rendering Free Photo

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