‘Mushrooming’ – What is it? and How to benefit from it?


The standard dictionary meaning of the word Mushrooming is – rapidly growing, expanding, or developing. But that’s not all of it.

Mushrooming happens a lot in daily life, in fact, you’d be surprised by the number of people who’ve never even heard such a word before.


  • What exactly is Mushrooming?

  • Types of Mushrooming

  • How did Mushrooming become a thing?

  • Benefits of investing in Mushrooming companies

what exactly is 'mushrooming' ?

You might be thinking ‘Mushrooming? What is that? Is it some kind of mushroom? Or some kind of scam?’. The word scam would be closer to the answer but, not quite.

Mushrooming is a strategy, it is a way of development, it’s a survival requisite. 

There are two types, or rather, two definitions of the word Mushrooming.

Types of Mushrooming –

Growth-related mushrooming

The first kind of mushrooming means the sudden growth or increase of something that wasn’t expected before. A good example of this can be - the rapid growth of food stalls!

You can find them everywhere! On the side of the road, at malls, at popular event junctions, literally everywhere.

Strategy-Related Mushrooming

The second kind of mushrooming is a business strategy, it involves drilling into clients. 

It means making the most out of a client relationship, by getting as many people as possible from their organization to buy or use your services by creating internal relationships. 

It is a business strategy where you strengthen your internal relationships with your client so much to the point where they promote your services to more people in their company or at home completely of their own will.


They get their client to trust them and then spread information about the quality of their services, which in return helps increase their organic reach as well as their sales.

How did Mushrooming become a thing?

Food and shelter are some of the main needs of a human being, aren’t they? 
There’s your answer!

Food courts -

With the sudden rise of the COVID pandemic and the need for hygienic food for office goers, and students alike, food courts started mushrooming i.e increasing everywhere.

Food courts offer a variety of tasty ready-made snacks and a place for people to converse and have warm meals, hence the demand for them.

 In fact, some of the world’s largest food groups started out as food stalls or door-to-door salesman, for example, KFC, and The Halal Guys.

Seeing this as an opportunity, many low-maintenance stall owners decided to bump up their businesses by making it into a full-time venture. Which led to the sudden spread of multiple food courts, and stalls all across the country.

Real Estate -

Housing is a resource that never runs out of demand, the same as food. With our ever-growing population, shelter is one of the main human needs.

The mushrooming of apartments begins whenever there is empty land looking for builders, and residents to build property to stay in.

However, it can also become a scam that many people fall prey to.

One of the most recent cases of mushrooming apartment scams is the Noida SuperTech scam.

 The SuperTech company acquired land illegally in collusion with corrupt governmental authorities and built a huge twin-tower property that was recently declared illegal and was set to be demolished.

 There are various signs that can tell you a property is just too good to be true but that is a topic for another day.

 Benefits of investing in Mushrooming companies –

“Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time.” — Jeff Bezos

“Food retail space is one of the most stable businesses right now. It may not give huge returns on investment, but with dedicated footfall and daily cash flow, the returns are guaranteed for a developer,” – Jaideep Bhandari.  

Some smart investors with an eye for business decided to invest in the food retail industry before it took off, and are now reaping the benefits of it.

So, the big question is, How can YOU profit from this as an investor? 

Some of the world’s biggest companies own huge amounts of food stocks, with Amazon.com being in the lead with 990$ billion dollars in market capitalization. And China’s Evergrande group is in the lead with real estate stocks.

Investing in slowly developing and soon-to-be mushrooming brands will reap loads of profit in the long run so, do your research, find a brand you believe in, and start investing now!

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