ORR Exit Gates – A Guide

ORR Exit Gates Guide



  • What is the ORR?

  • Significance of the ORR

  • ORR Exit Gates

  • Highly developed ORR exits 

  • ORR Connectivity

  • Why you should consider living near the ORR

What is the Outer Ring Road

What is the ORR?


The ORR or Outer Ring Road is a 158km expressway project that was taken up by the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority and is spread out over 8 lanes that encircle Hyderabad. 


The ORR is designed for speeds up to 100 km/h.


A large part of the ORR (128km) was opened up in December 2012, with extremely useful connectivity to most hubs in the city. 

Significance of the ORR

Importance of the ORR


The ORR acts as a bypass for incoming traffic from the national and state highways. This was done to lessen the flow of commercial traffic in the city. 


It allows smooth travel and makes conveyance easier for people traveling both in and out of the city. 

ORR Exit Gates

Outer Ring Road Exit Gates

The ORR has a total of 19 exit gates, each having its own connectivity and significance. With their names and specific gate numbers, as follows: 


1 – Gandipet 

2 – Edulanagulapally 

3 – Patancheru

4 – Sultanpur

5 – Saregudem

6 – Kandlakoya

7 – Shamirpet

8 – Keesara

9 – Ghatkesar

10 – Taramatipet

11 – Pedda Amberpet

12 – Bongulur

13 – Raviryal 

14 – Tukkuguda 

15 – Pedda Golconda

16 – Shamshabad

17 – Rajendranagar

18 – TSPA

19 – Narsingi



Highly developed ORR exits

Highly developed Outer Ring Road Exits

For the sake of our readers, we decided to talk about 4 of the most developed ORR exits.


These exits are namely – Exit number 1 (Gandipet), Exit number 2 (Edulanagulapally), Exit gate number 3 (Patancheru), and Exit gate number 6 (Kandlakoya).

Exit gate number 1 – Gandipet 


Gandipet is close to areas like Kokapet and Khanapur that are highly developed containing a lot of residential and commercial properties.

Kokapet being a highly developed area makes Gandipet even more ideal for people who live or work around the vicinity.

Outer Ring Road Exit Gandipet



Gandipet has a bunch of schools, colleges, and hospitals in close proximity along with other developed resources hence making it an ideal place to live.


Exit gate number 2 – Edulanagulapally


Edulanagulapally is said to be the next Mindspace, with a proposed railway station and multiple IT hubs soon to be built in the area. 


The government has also set aside a huge budget and area for development in Edulanagulapally which means that it will soon be one of the most highly developed places in Hyderabad.

Outer Ring Road Exit Edulanagulapally



Edulanagulapally offers a wide connectivity range with various high-end companies, educational institutions, and hospitals nearby. 


It is in close proximity to areas like Kollur and Velimela which are property powerhouses that will soon feature a huge number of projects.


It also has a Wipro IT SEZ project nearby along with the company itself; and numerous other development plans for the area.

Exit gate number 3 – Patancheru


Patancheru is one of the most well-known areas in Hyderabad with a huge division of residential and commercial properties nearby for investment or otherwise.


Patancheru is also close to HITEC city which makes it an ideal place to live in considering the close proximity to various IT hubs and high-end living resources.


It is also home to various pharmaceutical companies and ICRISAT.

Outer Ring Road Exit Patancheru



Patancheru is a highly developed IT hub that is connected to multiple parts of the city. With a huge range of residential and commercial properties in and around the area as well as schools, colleges, companies, and hospitals.


Patancheru has become one of the most desirable places to work in as of 2021 and will continue to be that way for a couple of years down the lane thanks to its vast connectivity and services.


Exit gate number 6 – Kandlakoya


Kandlakoya comes under Medchal Mandal and it is located 11 kilometers from Suchitra Center and 6 kilometers from Kompally Cross Roads.


Kandlakoya is also famous thanks to places like Gowra Aerospace and Tech Mahindra. 

Kompally is a highly developed area hence making Kandlakoya and Exit gate number 6 one that cannot be ignored.

Outer Ring Road Exit Gate Kandlakoya



Kandlakoya is a highly connected exit gate, with places such as Kompally Cross Roads and Suchitra Center all in close proximity.


It also has a bunch of companies, hospitals, colleges, and schools nearby along with the famous Gowra Aerospace.

ORR Connectivity

Outer Ring Road Connectivity

The ORR is highly convenient with connectivity to various important development hubs in the city such as:

  • Hi-Tech City 

  • Nanakramguda Financial District 

  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

  • IKP Knowledge Park

  • Hardware Park

  • Telangana State Police Academy

  • Singapore Financial District, and 

  • Games Village.


It provides convenient access from Hyderabad to Vijayawada and Warangal through NH 44, NH 65, NH 161, NH 765, and NH 163, as well as state highways connecting to Vikarabad Nagarjuna Sagar and Karimnagar/Mancherial. 


Because it links to NH44, the Outer Ring Road also helps to reduce travel time from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to places such as Nizamabad and Adilabad. 


The highway is surrounded by fencing, and 33 radial roads connect it to the Inner Ring Road and the future Regional Ring Road.


It also connects you to various parts of the city with a large number of schools, hospitals, and companies available in close proximity.


Why you should consider living near the ORR


Reasons to live near the ORR

Here are a few reasons why you should consider living

near the ORR:

  • It provides easy access to important parts of the city with companies, international schools, colleges, and hospitals in the vicinity.

  • It makes traveling to any part of the city highly convenient and fast.

  • There are a huge number of multi-national companies and IT hubs near various ORR exits, hence making it easier to work.

  • Living near the ORR makes life easier, connecting you to the inner and outer parts of the city whilst living in the midst of high development.


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