Pre-EMI: A Guide for Homebuyers

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  • What is Pre-EMI?

  • How is Pre-EMI paid?

  • Benefits of taking a property on pre-EMI

  • How we can help


What is Pre-EMI?


Pre-EMI is a Loan repayment option that allows people to repay the interest of a loan before the construction of their property is completed. 


For example, if a person takes a 75,00,000 loan and the tenure is 20 years, Pre-EMI allows the person to ease their financial burden as the developer repays the interest on their loan for an under-construction property until the possession date. 


Hence, if the construction period takes 3 years, then the Pre-EMI will be paid for 3 years plus the full EMI will commence as usual. So, the total loan tenure will be 3 + 20 years, which in return gives you more time to repay your loan.

How is Pre-EMI paid?


Picture this, you take out a home loan for the property of your dreams, and then you’re told that you don’t need to start paying anything back yet and you can use the time up to the possession date to increase your earnings so that you’ll be prepared to start paying back your Home Loan EMI later on!


That’s exactly what Pre-EMI is, you buy a house when it’s still under construction, just pay 20% of the total property amount and the developer pays your interest for you to the bank until you gain possession of the property.


You can choose to take Pre-EMI if you are expecting an increase in your finances for some reason in the near future that will increase your cash flow later and decrease your current expenses.

Whether that takes 2 years or 4, you get additional time to become financially strong enough to support your dreams and your home loan, while not having to bear the burden of instantly paying anything.


After possession, you can start paying your monthly EMI as usual with the main difference being that you won’t have the burden of being financially unstable anymore.

Benefits of taking a property on Pre-EMI


There are various benefits of buying a property on Pre-EMI, a few common ones are as follows:

  • More time for repayment: Pre-EMI allows you more time to gain financial stability without sacrificing your dream to become a homeowner.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to buy a home just because of financial issues. Pre-EMI additionally gives you time to gain stability while not having to pay interest just yet.


  • Increased profit: If you buy a property while it’s under construction, the initial price will be lower when compared to the launch price, plus with inflation costs, the property’s value would increase two-fold over the tenure of your loan repayment period.

    So you get a high-value property at an affordable price before the rest of the market, all for just a small advance payment and through the system of paying via Pre-EMI.

  • Price inflation: If you choose to sell that property at a later date, due to the appreciation of rent prices and the value of the property, you would earn much more than what you initially spent, giving you a highly increased profit and making that property a great investment. 

How Bridl360 can help

How we can help


Bridl360 can help you choose a property that suits your tastes and a bank with a  good home loan and a good Pre-EMI system so that you don’t have to settle for less.


We have a variety of luxurious apartments and villas with affordable Pre-EMI systems and fabulous amenities that could easily be the home of your dreams.


For more information or to book an appointment, contact us here or call us on +919966696961


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