Real estate company ordered to compensate Rs. 5.18 lakh to the customer.  After hearing arguments, the Commission ruled that the opposing party must repay the consumer Rs. 5.18 lakh, pay Rs. 10,000 in damages, and pay Rs. 5,000 in court costs. compensate complaints Incredible India Projects Private Limited, a city-based realtor, has been ordered by the Hyderabad District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-I to compensate a complainant for Rs 5.18 lakh for not developing the site and for selling the property without acquiring required licences.  

Who filed the complaint? 

compensate plots A Secunderabad resident, K.L.V. Prasad filed a complaint against the city’s realtor for selling two plots without the necessary authorizations with the Consumer Rights Organization (CRO)/Uphokta Adhikar Sangthan. The client paid Rs 12,000 as a down payment for two plots measuring 150 square yards each at a cost of Rs 3,999 per square yard in Raigir Village, Bhongir Mandal, Nalgonda district’s survey number 801/P. The real estate agent consented to sell the plots in installments. Then, between November 8, 2015 and April 29, 2017, K.L.V. Prasad has made payments of Rs 2,59,250 and Rs 2, 59,250.  

Findings of the Court

compensate courts Contrary to what the managing director of Incredible India Projects Private said, the complainant found that the layout had not received HMDA, TTDA, or DTCP approval. By the end of August 2019, the opposition party has pledged to finish the site’s development and turn it over. As per the verbal agreement exchanged on November 8, 2015. Whenever the realtor was asked for a refund after they failed to develop the site and obtain the required authorities’ approval. The opposing party did not, however, offer a refund. The city-based realtor stated that K.L.V. Prasad paid less than half the price for each plot—Rs 2,59,250—of the total cost of Rs 5,99,850. The  complainant has stopped paying as of April 29, 2017, and payments were late. Upon hearing arguments, the Commission decided that the opposing party must repay the customer Rs 5.18 lakh, pay Rs 10,000 in damages, and pay Rs 5,000 in legal costs.  

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