Real Estate vs. Gold: What is the right investment option for women?

Today women have reached greater milestones in terms of investments as they have grown more independent and powerful in terms of making financial decisions. As we see there is no industry left behind today where women haven’t reached heights, and with this, their needs and aspirations have been seen in investing in the right opportunities.

The women of the new era are searching out for greater substantial ways to build wealth for their families and themselves. In India, it is said that women prefer gold over real estate, so a survey was conducted where women were asked to choose between real estate and gold in terms of investment.

While gold for a very long time has been the most sought option in terms of investment, in today’s trend almost 75% of the women selected real estate over gold. Which means today women have started to think differently and they’re well capable of taking their decisions instead of being just an influencer. 

Women not only consider property as a source of financial security but a source of great investment. The main reason behind this being that investment in real estate is an ideal way of diversifying your portfolio of investment, reduce risks and maximize your returns in a comparatively shorter time than gold. Investment in gold won’t help you live the most of your life in your 30s, but real estate investment for sure will. All you need to do is look for a potential area to maximise the appreciation value of your property, and then utilise for rental purposes or commercial purpose and get profits.

If you make the right decisions then real estate can be one of the best areas to invest your money in. This can become a way to earn passive income and gain long-term wealth. Some of the great advantages you can get from investing here are

  • When you pay back the loan of your property, the value of it starts to rise which adds up to your equity. And after a certain period of time, you can sell it off at a higher price and gain profits.
  • Many people consider it as a protection against growing inflation. If the market and inflation rise, eventually the rate of your property rises too, and so does the rent that you get from it.
  • Real estate can also be a full-time source of income for you. All you need to do is give some amount of time to it and invest in good projects.
  • If a person invests in real estate, it gives you countless tax benefits too. The majority of your costs become deductible business expenses.
  • Last but not least, that if you invest in a vacation property, it can become an asset for you. For example, if you and your family want to go on a vacation at that place, you can use your own property to stay.

Real estate definitely provides you with excellent returns and advantages to leverage your wealth. And yes it is true that it provides better returns as compared to the stock market, as the real estate sector will always grow over time. Investment in the real estate sector is always going to be the best option in any given circumstances.

In the end, it all depends on the person if they want to invest in a long-term investment or short-term investment and the risks they want to take. One of the key points to always keep in mind before starting with your investment, set goals, it is necessary to keep your investment goals and their timelines in mind as it helps you to stay motivated.

As an initiative to support more women investors in the field of real estate, banks have started some initiatives. Many of the banks in India offer lower interest rates on home loans for women buyers as compared to men home buyers. Even the government has taken an initiative by providing subsidies on the stamp duty charges for any sort of property registration that is made in the name of a female.

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