Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments we will ever make. And, while we all have certain expectations of a property we buy, we don't want to be duped into buying our dream home. It used to be difficult to know whether a home buyer was getting a good deal. Buyers can now stay informed about market prices thanks to online real estate portals. You will undoubtedly want to save money when...

Kollur and Velimela

Here’s why you should consider – Kollur and Velimela!

Introduction Are you looking to move to a new location? Somewhere that has good connectivity and resources? Well, we’ve got you covered! Velimela and Kollur are two such kinds of ideal places that you can shift to that will give you a change of scenery along with amazing connectivity and resources.  Due to GO111, Kollur and Velimela are the top next places for...

Move to a new location

Move with purpose! How to benefit from choosing this soon-to-be hot spot as your new address! – Patancheru

Index: What makes a place a hot spot? Factors to considerProperty types to considerPatancheruvuWhat we offer  What makes a place a hot spot?  A place is considered to be a hot spot when it has connectivity, jobs resources, many properties, and a high population with frequent visitors. For a place to qualify as a hot spot, these are generally the basic...

Who are NRIs?

Do’s and Don’ts of investing in India – NRI Edition

Index: Who are NRIs?What are the different types of investment options?Investment procedureDo’s and Don’ts Who are NRIs?An NRI or (Non-Resident Indian) is an Indian citizen who resides in India for less than 180 days in a financial year or someone who stays out of India on business, study, or other vocations that indicate their intention to stay out of India for a while. According to a Ministry of...


‘Why commercial space investment is the best kind of investment!’

Commercial spaces are one of the best investments to consider these days. However, there are multiple options when it comes to making speculations for an investment.Asset categories of any kind can be a good investment depending on multiple factors, gold, stocks, mutual funds, and residential properties all have their own benefits. They all make good investments, but the returns on commercial spaces have...

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

One can change the condition, price, and size of a house. But something you cannot change after buying a house is its location. Investing in a house that is in a great location can make a huge difference in its value. A house with a good location increases its desirability, that desirability creates demand, and the demand increases the price for that real estate. Initially investing in a property at a...

Real Estate vs. Gold: What is the right investment option for women?

Today women have reached greater milestones in terms of investments as they have grown more independent and powerful in terms of making financial decisions. As we see there is no industry left behind today where women haven’t reached heights, and with this, their needs and aspirations have been seen in investing in the right opportunities. The women of the new era are searching out for greater...

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