Construction Permits in India 2022

Construction Permits in India – 2022

India was previously known for having one of the most complex procedures for obtaining construction permits. This was because of its high taxation rates and the lengthy procedures it contained. Today we’re going to be talking about the latest laws regarding Construction Permits in India, and we’re going to discuss exactly which changes were made that increased India’s EodB ranking regarding...

Exclusive mandate

Why developers should grant more exclusive mandates?

Index: Reasons to opt for exclusive mandatesHow to choose a consulting company for an exclusive mandateContract formation and detailsReasons to opt for exclusive mandates -An exclusive mandate is a written direction to a consulting company to have the exclusive right to sell a client or developers property on their behalf for a set length of time, which can range from three months to two years.There are...

Real Estate Investment In Commercial Spaces

Real Estate Investment in Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are the procurement of office spaces, warehouses, retail buildings, etc. During the past few years, many investment options like residential property, mutual funds, etc., have gone through different challenging times. Today if you are looking for an investment option that could provide you a high return on investments with low initial investment then commercial spaces are the way. With a...

Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

When buying or renting a new flat in a high-rise building, there are a lot of things to consider before. You need to think of a location which is convenient for you to travel from your workplace, it is near to basic requirements such as market, hospitals, etc. After the location comes the budget in which you want to buy or rent a flat, and then finally comes to the question of which floor to choose.Today...

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

As the real estate sector remains one of the most invested sectors, the government of India is trying its best to make this process simpler and faster. If you are planning to buy a property in India, you must be aware that there are several tax implications which are involved in it. The government of India has implemented GST and RERA, where GST has subsumed different taxes like service tax, VAT,...

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Hyderabad, the city of pearls is currently experiencing a great boom in both the commercial as well as residential property areas. On one hand where global IT giants like Microsoft and Google are looking out for spaces in Hyderabad, and on other people are looking out for luxurious villas for their dream homes in Hyderabad. None of the other states, unlike Hyderabad, has experienced an increase of 28% in...

Real Estate Terms To Know Before Investing

Are you a newbie in real estate investing? Are you confused with the terms that are commonly used in real estate? If you want to learn the most common terminologies used by real estate marketers, then we have got you covered.  Whether you're planning to make your first real estate investment or planning to diversify your investment portfolio, there are many common acronyms and jargon that you need to...

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