In real estate investing, financial planning is the process of assessing all aspects of your property's finance. It is an essential step for your investment, and it can make your investment succeed or fail. From obtaining a mortgage that suits your investment to calculating the expenses and cash flow of your rental property, financial planning should be a priority.  The benefits of financial...

How to register property in India

How To Register Property in India – A Guide

Welcome back, today we've prepared a property registration guide that includes all the information you might need to register property in Telangana or anywhere else in India. Index: What is property registration? Why registration is important Documents and information you need to carry Registration Fees Laws applicable Other tips to follow QnA   What is property...

Real Estate Terms To Know Before Investing

Are you a newbie in real estate investing? Are you confused with the terms that are commonly used in real estate? If you want to learn the most common terminologies used by real estate marketers, then we have got you covered.  Whether you're planning to make your first real estate investment or planning to diversify your investment portfolio, there are many common acronyms and jargon that you need to...

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