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Repo Rate Hike by RBI and it's impact on real estate market of India

The Impact of the Repo Rate Increase on the State of Real Estate: a blog around real estate

Introduction The repo rate, also known as the repurchase rate, is an important policy instrument used by a country's central bank, in this case, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to control inflation and manage liquidity in the financial system. In the case of a liquidity crisis, it indicates the rate at which the central bank loans short-term money to commercial banks. In layman's terms, the repo rate...


The recently announced Union Budget 2022-23 may prove to be a significant moment in the real estate industry. The Finance Minister has announced several measures that are expected to benefit the real estate sector.n The Union Budget 2022-23 announcements appear facilitating and forward-thinking, with a strong emphasis on affordable housing and infrastructure development. Due to the Coronavirus-induced...

GST Hiked by 7%

GST Hiked by 7%? New laws passed as of 1st January, 2022

Index: What is GST?GST Hike 2022New Rates and Applicable CommoditiesOther information What is GST?    GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is an indirect tax that precedes over various other indirect taxes in India, including excise duty, VAT, and services tax. The Goods and Services Tax Act was enacted by Parliament on March 29, 2017 and went into...

REIT A Complete Guide

REIT – a Complete Guide into Real Estate Investment Trusts

Index: What exactly is a REIT?What types of assets do REITs own?REIT VarietiesHow do REITs generate revenue?Why should you invest in REITs?What is the best way to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs)?REIT RestrictionsHow can a corporation become a REIT?  What Exactly is a REIT?  ‘REIT’ or ‘A Real Estate Investment Trust’ is a business that owns, manages, or funds...

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

Every home buyer dreams to have their property made with the best quality. One considers a lot of points before buying a home-like location, connectivity, design, etc., but apart from all these, the construction quality plays the most important role. Before shifting into your new home it is always advised to check its construction quality and strength. Today this has become a crucial criterion for...

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

As the real estate sector remains one of the most invested sectors, the government of India is trying its best to make this process simpler and faster. If you are planning to buy a property in India, you must be aware that there are several tax implications which are involved in it. The government of India has implemented GST and RERA, where GST has subsumed different taxes like service tax, VAT,...

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Hyderabad, the city of pearls is currently experiencing a great boom in both the commercial as well as residential property areas. On one hand where global IT giants like Microsoft and Google are looking out for spaces in Hyderabad, and on other people are looking out for luxurious villas for their dream homes in Hyderabad. None of the other states, unlike Hyderabad, has experienced an increase of 28% in...

Why is Investment in Residential Property a Great Choice?

It takes a lot of skills and understanding of the market to invest smartly in the real estate sector. Real estate is a great investment option. Most people prefer residential property when it comes to investing in real estate because investment here carries less risk and offers profitable rental returns. It can generate ongoing passive income, and if the value increases over time, it can be a good...

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