Are you looking for an easy guide on how to check construction quality of your new home?  Great! Bridl360 recognizes the difficulty of the task and is the perfect place to assist you in evaluating the construction quality of your new home. After having read this blog, you will be able to confidently assess the quality of your new home. It is critical for buyers to understand that the quality of...

ORR Exit Gates Guide

ORR Exit Gates – A Guide

Index:  What is the ORR?Significance of the ORRORR Exit GatesHighly developed ORR exits ORR ConnectivityWhy you should consider living near the ORR What is the ORR?   The ORR or Outer Ring Road is a 158km expressway project that was taken up by the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority and is spread out over 8 lanes that encircle Hyderabad.    The ORR is...

Kollur and Velimela

Here’s why you should consider – Kollur and Velimela!

Introduction Are you looking to move to a new location? Somewhere that has good connectivity and resources? Well, we’ve got you covered! Velimela and Kollur are two such kinds of ideal places that you can shift to that will give you a change of scenery along with amazing connectivity and resources.  Due to GO111, Kollur and Velimela are the top next places for...

Bhanur: An Amazing Property Investment Opportunity

Property investment is a very delicate and important subject in anyone’s life. The decision of investing has to be made very carefully with proper research and planning. Before buying a property, the buyer should be able to check all his points in the checklist that they have thought of for their dream home. It also helps you to remove any kind of discrepancy at a later stage after buying the...

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

How to save on taxes when buying a property in India?

As the real estate sector remains one of the most invested sectors, the government of India is trying its best to make this process simpler and faster. If you are planning to buy a property in India, you must be aware that there are several tax implications which are involved in it. The government of India has implemented GST and RERA, where GST has subsumed different taxes like service tax, VAT,...

Real Estate vs. Gold: What is the right investment option for women?

Today women have reached greater milestones in terms of investments as they have grown more independent and powerful in terms of making financial decisions. As we see there is no industry left behind today where women haven’t reached heights, and with this, their needs and aspirations have been seen in investing in the right opportunities. The women of the new era are searching out for greater...

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