Last Wednesday, the state government issued GO 69 (Government Order 69), lifting certain restrictions imposed under GO 111 (Government Order 111) in 1996 to protect the catchment area of the Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar reservoirs, which were the city's primary drinking water sources at the time. INDEX 1. What changes will GO 69 bring? 2. Impact of GO 69 removing GO 111 restrictions on Real...

Construction Permits in India 2022

Construction Permits in India – 2022

India was previously known for having one of the most complex procedures for obtaining construction permits. This was because of its high taxation rates and the lengthy procedures it contained. Today we’re going to be talking about the latest laws regarding Construction Permits in India, and we’re going to discuss exactly which changes were made that increased India’s EodB ranking regarding...

How to register property in India

How To Register Property in India – A Guide

Welcome back, today we've prepared a property registration guide that includes all the information you might need to register property in Telangana or anywhere else in India. Index: What is property registration? Why registration is important Documents and information you need to carry Registration Fees Laws applicable Other tips to follow QnA   What is property...

Home Buying Tips for First-Timers

Home Buying Tips for First-timers

Buying a house for the first time can be scary, and understandably so. You’re stepping into a world that you know nothing about!  Owning property is a dream that most people compete to achieve at least by the time they are 30.  However, it requires a good understanding of several aspects like:  Determining an appropriate budget,Deciding on the type of property,Picking a location,Considering...

Kollur and Velimela

Here’s why you should consider – Kollur and Velimela!

Introduction Are you looking to move to a new location? Somewhere that has good connectivity and resources? Well, we’ve got you covered! Velimela and Kollur are two such kinds of ideal places that you can shift to that will give you a change of scenery along with amazing connectivity and resources.  Due to GO111, Kollur and Velimela are the top next places for...


‘Why commercial space investment is the best kind of investment!’

Commercial spaces are one of the best investments to consider these days. However, there are multiple options when it comes to making speculations for an investment.Asset categories of any kind can be a good investment depending on multiple factors, gold, stocks, mutual funds, and residential properties all have their own benefits. They all make good investments, but the returns on commercial spaces have...

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

Why you should think seriously about investing in a home near an IT hub?

One can change the condition, price, and size of a house. But something you cannot change after buying a house is its location. Investing in a house that is in a great location can make a huge difference in its value. A house with a good location increases its desirability, that desirability creates demand, and the demand increases the price for that real estate. Initially investing in a property at a...

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

How to check the construction quality of your new home?

Every home buyer dreams to have their property made with the best quality. One considers a lot of points before buying a home-like location, connectivity, design, etc., but apart from all these, the construction quality plays the most important role. Before shifting into your new home it is always advised to check its construction quality and strength. Today this has become a crucial criterion for...

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Hyderabad, the city of pearls is currently experiencing a great boom in both the commercial as well as residential property areas. On one hand where global IT giants like Microsoft and Google are looking out for spaces in Hyderabad, and on other people are looking out for luxurious villas for their dream homes in Hyderabad. None of the other states, unlike Hyderabad, has experienced an increase of 28% in...

Technologies that are changing the trends in the real estate industry

‘Technology for real estate industry’, well this is a statement that more than 45% of the brokers report as a terror for their jobs. But with emerging technology trends today it is important for the real estate industry to take over technologies too. One of the reasons being to improve the internal operations, in addition to adopting a customer-driven approach. Many real estate businesses have already...

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