The recently announced Union Budget 2022-23 may prove to be a significant moment in the real estate industry. The Finance Minister has announced several measures that are expected to benefit the real estate sector.n The Union Budget 2022-23 announcements appear facilitating and forward-thinking, with a strong emphasis on affordable housing and infrastructure development. Due to the Coronavirus-induced...

Kollur and Velimela

Here’s why you should consider – Kollur and Velimela!

Introduction Are you looking to move to a new location? Somewhere that has good connectivity and resources? Well, we’ve got you covered! Velimela and Kollur are two such kinds of ideal places that you can shift to that will give you a change of scenery along with amazing connectivity and resources.  Due to GO111, Kollur and Velimela are the top next places for...

REIT A Complete Guide

REIT – a Complete Guide into Real Estate Investment Trusts

Index: What exactly is a REIT?What types of assets do REITs own?REIT VarietiesHow do REITs generate revenue?Why should you invest in REITs?What is the best way to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs)?REIT RestrictionsHow can a corporation become a REIT?  What Exactly is a REIT?  ‘REIT’ or ‘A Real Estate Investment Trust’ is a business that owns, manages, or funds...

Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Real Estate

Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Real Estate

Real estate slowly but steadily is adopting digitalization in business processes. This industry has always been in demand for a number of reasons. There used to be a time when people used to take out their time and visit a property and make decisions, but today with the advancement of technology, the whole process has become a lot easier. Be it task automation, property analysis, or insight generation from...

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Why is Hyderabad experiencing a boom in residential property?

Hyderabad, the city of pearls is currently experiencing a great boom in both the commercial as well as residential property areas. On one hand where global IT giants like Microsoft and Google are looking out for spaces in Hyderabad, and on other people are looking out for luxurious villas for their dream homes in Hyderabad. None of the other states, unlike Hyderabad, has experienced an increase of 28% in...

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