The Smart City Mission is on its way to revolutionise the real estate sector in India. According to a report titled 'Real Estate – A Relook,' released by the CII in collaboration with its knowledge partner CBRE, the real estate sector, which has witnessed decades of traditional approaches, will now be revolutionised by 'disruptors' who have initiated a new wind of demand in the sector. Smart cities,...

Technology worldwide

How technology has changed the Real Estate game

Technology has changed the world in various drastic ways, without technology our world as it is would not be able to survive. Almost everything in our present life has the influence of technology. From fans, lights, and elevators, to computers, mobile phones, and printers. Almost every action we perform is related to technology. Modern technology consists of a lot of things that has simply made living...

Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Real Estate

Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Real Estate

Real estate slowly but steadily is adopting digitalization in business processes. This industry has always been in demand for a number of reasons. There used to be a time when people used to take out their time and visit a property and make decisions, but today with the advancement of technology, the whole process has become a lot easier. Be it task automation, property analysis, or insight generation from...

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