Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

With the pandemic, the importance of green spaces has never before felt relevant. The role of green spaces has become paramount in recent times. Even in the real estate industry, green spaces are now being promoted. Therefore the industry is creating residential areas that are sustainable in nature and creating housing units that focus on green living. What is a green home? Green homes are those homes...

How NRIs made over 90% in just one year from real estate?

How NRIs made over 90% in just one year from real estate?

Investing in the sector of real estate gives you an opportunity to earn money while building your financial future, but if not careful, it can be an easy way to lose your shirt too. Proper research and commitment to true systems can make you money as there’s a lot of money to be made in real estate. Due to stable prices, decreasing price of rupee and great deals offered by the property developers, even...

Why Is Real Estate Still The Best Asset Class In India?

Why is Real Estate Still the Best Asset Class in India?

It’s not surprising to have real estate as the primary investment and an asset option compared to everything else on the table. You must know that you’re not the only one having stakes in real estate, as the vast majority is considering the same. It’s a known fact that there are immense benefits of making investments in the real estate sector and keeping properties as an asset. With a smart...

Top Locations to Buy a Home in Hyderabad

Top Locations to Buy a Home in Hyderabad

Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait! Hyderabad is the best place to buy and wait as it is one of the employment hubs in India. The real estate market in most parts of the country remained sluggish over the last few years, but not in Hyderabad due to some handsome benefits. A few localities of Hyderabad have registered a sizable upward movement in prices and remain stable enough and...

Why is Investment in Residential Property a Great Choice?

It takes a lot of skills and understanding of the market to invest smartly in the real estate sector. Real estate is a great investment option. Most people prefer residential property when it comes to investing in real estate because investment here carries less risk and offers profitable rental returns. It can generate ongoing passive income, and if the value increases over time, it can be a good...

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tips for First Time Home Buyers Purchasing a home is one of the toughest, but dream investments in anyone's life. Buying property for the first time requires a good understanding of several aspects like setting the right budget, deciding on the type of property, location, amenities, builder, and getting the home loan for our dream home. Just like our first job, first salary and first date, buying our...

Real Estate in Dhulapally – The Latest Investment Hotspot in Hyderabad!

Owning a home of your own is everyone's dream in today's world. Not only is it a place where you live, but an important investment that also adds to your wealth and has great ROI in the long term.  Now, if you get all of this in addition to the option of living in a leading and upcoming residential property like Dhulapally, why would you let such an opportunity slip from your hands?  Hyderabad...

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