Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

Tips to decide which floor is right for you in a high rise building

When buying or renting a new flat in a high-rise building, there are a lot of things to consider before. You need to think of a location which is convenient for you to travel from your workplace, it is near to basic requirements such as market, hospitals, etc. After the location comes the budget in which you want to buy or rent a flat, and then finally comes to the question of which floor to choose.

Today with the growing population in cities we can see the majority of the builders are constructing high-rise buildings. It is the lack of space in cities that makes vertical expansion seems to be more logical than horizontal expansion. The question of choosing the right floor can never have a perfect answer as every person has a different set of requirements. You can find below some of the tips we have curated to help you go through the process of selecting the floor easily.

Rental Returns

According to a survey, it is found that in metro cities the majority of the people who look for a flat on rent prefer floors which are lower or in middle. So if you are buying a property in metro cities with the sole purpose of putting it on rent then it is advised to invest in lower or middle floors.

View from your flat: the top floors offer you the benefit of better views. You can enjoy more scenic views from the higher floors, however, all the view from the lower floors you get is of the park and streets around.


Many people to avoid the noise from the road and outside play areas prefer higher floors. However, it is not true that you can avoid all the outside noise. If the building is not located near the elevators or common hallway and is also far from parks and streets, then even the ground floors won’t be an issue for you.


It has been found in past years that the ground floors face a higher rate of crime risk than the floors above. It becomes easy for the anti-social elements to break into the lower-floor apartments. However, it also depends on the structure style of the high-rise building and the security measures that have been taken by the management of society.

Insects Issue

As you go higher, the amount of pollution and the number of insects gets decreased. However, on the lower floors, people might face pest and hygiene issues.

Family Consideration

Having small kids and elderly people in your house it is always convenient to choose the lower floors. Having a house on the lower floor will add safety for your small kids and a factor of convenience for the elderly. In addition to this if anyone in your family has fear of height, then also you should prefer living closer to the ground.

Water Seepage

In almost every city and buildings it has been observed that the topmost floors and the ground floors face water seepage and draining issues. But it also depends on the residential society that what kind of drainage mechanism the builder has built in it.


In areas where the towers are very closely built would result in privacy issues. The lower floors face the maximum privacy issue. If you want to have solitude and don’t want to have any kind of intrusion then higher floors are best to buy or rent.

Energy Consumption

The higher floors have a higher (lesser) consumption of electricity as compared to the lower floors. As you go higher, the need (no need) for air conditioners (as wind flow will be high) (ventilation will be high) and heaters also increases for a longer duration (due to the glasses used for the windows are different to that of regular buildings as its highrise it will not emit heat or chillness inside the flat).


For the majority of people, it becomes irritating to wait for the elevators for a long duration. Even for the people who are old and face difficulty walking, high floors can be a problem in case of emergencies. So for the ones who feel more comfortable with stairs should go for lower floors (for high rise buildings the lift speed will be entirely different compared to regular elevators usually it will be measured by MPS (metres per second so it does not take much time for the journey to reach respective floors for which there will not be any longer waiting time and moreover for highrise norms there will be minimum of 4 to 6 passenger elevators, goods elevator and fire elevators to be in place).

Light and Ventilation

If you are the one who enjoys sunlight and fresh air, then higher floors are the best choice. The lowers floors get a comparatively less amount of light and less ventilation as compared to the higher floors.

The real estate builders are developing a variety of high-rise buildings to choose from, both in affordable categories and in luxury categories. As we see that be it a top floor, or a middle floor, or a ground floor, all have their pros and cons. Before coming on to a decision ensure to go through all the factors that are involved and choose what suits you and your lifestyle better.


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