Why Do Developers Have To Adopt A Mandate?

Great success is founded on exceptional partnerships. The best partner at your side makes your job cakewalk. 

We all know, one of the biggest challenges faced by developers is marketing and selling property. It is then the mandates and partners come into the picture. They don’t just support projects but also endorse them. 

It is because these partners are an indispensable part of the process, they not only have a wider reach but also offer features that help to facilitate the sales of the project. 

Having these partners in place helps the developer in multiple ways, that is – from marketing to generating leads and increasing brand presence. Bridl360 can be your partner helping you and your team 360-degree!

Here are a few reasons why developers should opt for Bridl360 as an exclusive strategic partner:

One Point Of Contact 

It’s always better to onboard a single professional agency like us than to partner with multiple agents. It creates less hassle, risk of potential damage to your property and COVID-19 risks. 

Access to the property is given to qualified buyers only, and the access is controlled and structured by the agency.

The partnered agency will be your exclusive marketing and sales team that helps decrease the burden on the developer. 

No doubt, having one single point of contact reduces stress in many spheres.

Maximum Hit Rate 

A most common misconception in the minds of developers is that partnering with multiple agents generates more buyers for your property. But the fact is that at any given set of times, there are a fixed number of buyers looking to buy a property at the given price range and locality, therefore employing more agents does not increase the number of buyers. 

Instead of partnering with multiple agents, the developer should focus on  

partnering with the best agency which is capable enough to attract potential buyers to the property and is professional enough to close a deal and get your property sold.

Expand Market Coverage

Access to new markets and customers is perhaps the most popular reason for tying up with partners like us. By tying up an agency, developers can reach a larger audience without investing in additional infrastructures or expanding their distribution network.

Furthermore, as most of the marketing and promotional activities, such as property listings, lead generation, digital marketing and so on, are also handled by partners. It helps reduce the unwanted burden on developers and allows them to focus on their core business of offering quality construction to prospective customers.

No Multiple Commission Claims

There are always a fixed number of buyers at any given set of times at the mentioned price range and in the given locality. Partnering with multiple agents leads to very high chances that these agents will introduce the same potential buyer to your property, which may result in different claims for payment of commission against you. This situation can be eliminated by the appointment of one agency like Bridl360 to market and sell your homes.

Avail Top-Notch Marketing 

Partnering with an agency makes them solely responsible for the sale of your property. They are thus incentivised to devote their time and resources to create a killer campaign for your home. They should pull out all the stops on print and digital platforms like their website, property portals, and social media platforms, and also list the property to other relevant portals to build awareness and increase sales of the property. 

Mandate’s Accountability

Once Bridl360 becomes an exclusive partnered agency, a Mandate is written and signed, and a binding agreement occurs between you and Bridl360. So, the Bridl360 Estate Agent’s conduct and service delivery to you becomes an actual contractual obligation on them to perform as communicated to get your home sold on your acceptable terms and conditions. An exclusive mandate gives you the agent’s highest level of commitment which can only benefit you as the seller. Without this written agreement, you cannot enforce the same level of accountability.

Marketing & selling real estate inventory requires a comprehensive marketing plan with proper execution. Working with the right Partner builds multiple touchpoints for your brand across geographies, increasing the credibility and authoritativeness of your project in the consumer’s minds.

Thus, by collaborating with a mandates/strategic partner for your Real Estate business, you can make your business more productive and profitable.

Bridl360 can be an exclusive partner for your brand. At Bridl360, we offer the highest level of commitment which only benefits the builder as a seller. 

For more details, reach out to us at +91-9966696961 or you can write to us at connect@bridl360.com

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