Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

Why green homes are more relevant now than ever?

With the pandemic, the importance of green spaces has never before felt relevant. The role of green spaces has become paramount in recent times. Even in the real estate industry, green spaces are now being promoted. Therefore the industry is creating residential areas that are sustainable in nature and creating housing units that focus on green living.

What is a green home? Green homes are those homes that offer a place to live that is non-toxic, small carbon footprint, and are energy-efficient in terms of everyday living as well as construction. This can be achieved in many ways like installing low flow sinks and toilets, using energy-efficient appliances and systems, fitting air-tight insulations to avoid energy leaks, using solar panels, and using non-toxic paint, and furniture that have lower levels of volatile organic compounds.

Below are some reasons which will help you to not shy away from the idea of building your own green home:

Saves water

Water efficiency means using the water resources in a way that saves water and makes sure that both the present and future generations enjoy a reliable supply of water that is clean and fresh to use. In green homes, systems are installed to purify the water that is collected from rains, and plumbing fixtures are installed that reduce the wastage of water and are efficient.

Reduces strain on local resources

With the growing population, the need for water and other local shared resources has been increased rapidly. By the use of eco-friendly methods, we can re-process these resources and increase the efficiency of these resources, which reduces the strain overall on all resources. Even when planning, design the homes in such a way that requires fewer materials.

Improves indoor quality

If you use eco-friendly lights and appliances like operable windows that allow maximum sunlight and air it helps improve the indoor air quality of the house. It also protects the health of the people living by reducing stress and quality of life. It is achieved by even using materials that do not emit harmful elements.

Better environment

When we reduce the usage of heavy energy sources that pollute the environment, we keep the environment clean. It also reduces the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is produced by these sources and helps keep our environment healthy and slow the speed of climate change.

Energy efficiency

The designers of green homes plan to make the house maximum energy independent from non-renewable resources. For this solar panels are installed that with the help of energy from the sun are capable to produce electricity as well as hot water. Then use windows to maximize natural light to reduce the usage of artificial lights.

Saves a lot of material 

Material resources are saved by using the current resources in a minimal way such that we don’t compromise the quality of outcome and also the waste generated in end is minimal. To achieve this goal, green homes are built of material that last long, could be recycled and reused.

Promotes health 

By living in green homes, by default, you get to enjoy the health benefits as all of the materials used are safe and eco-friendly. The companies which make such products make sure to not use any of the plastic-type, and other toxic substances as they may release carcinogens that not only cause breathing problems but also increase the chances of cancer.

The goal behind building more green homes is to create a space for people that not only provides clean air and low energy bills but to build a home that supports companies, products, and building standards that aims to cause less harm to our environment. The idea of green homes has been exploded in the market for the last few years and continues to grow every day as people are getting aware of the harms. One of the misconceptions that many believe in is that building green homes is an expensive task but the truth is that if planned properly then it may even cost less than a standard home to build.

It’s not necessary to start changing your whole house at once. Converting your house into a green home could be done by doing small things at a time too. For simple but impactful upgrades to switch your house slowly into a green home, you can switch the artificial lights to LED light bulbs, and install low-flow showerheads and faucets in the bathroom to decrease water usage. Then you can shift to smart technology that helps you reduce unnecessary energy usage, use app-controlled appliances, and for gardens install smart irrigation systems which are capable to know the local weather forecast and skip the scheduled watering if it is about to rain.

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